- "Exclusive Interview with Tokio Hotel"




Bill: Hey, we are Tokio Hotel and we'd like to greet all Yahoo-users. We just released a new album, "Kings of Suburbia", maybe you'd like to give it a listen, we'd be happy about that, so best greetings and see you!

Question: What's new with that album?
Bill: Concerning the music we did entirely new things, after the last album we actually didn't quite know what we wanted to do. We just wanted to make an album, which we also find amazing ourselves and wanted to make music which we listen to and like at the moment. There was an extreme influence by the party life, by going out, by DJs.. it became quite electronic, and we also produced the album ourselves for the first time. And we just did things we had never done before, because we finally had the time for doing that.

Question: Why is your album called "Kings of Suburbia"?
Bill: We just thought that the title was cool, we had the idea as we were in the car and on our way to Georg and Gustav. And our rehearsal room is in the suburbs as well...
Tom: Everything's in the suburbs, we grew up in the suburbs, LA is still a suburb, we live there at the moment..
Bill: We just have that extreme ghetto-suburb-background... and sometimes we have that great feeling, that feeling of self-consciousness, when we're in our rehearsal room and rehearse our songs and you just think "Wow, everything's so amazing", but when you look at it from above and you see all those billions of people, then it doesn't mean anything of course, because everyone has their own universe and priorities. But nevertheless it's an important feeling and that's what we had when we were recording the album, and therefore "Kings of Suburbia".

Question: How do you like the Video for "Love who loves you back" yourselves?
Bill: We all are extremely happy with that and I think it's a really beautiful, aesthetic and cool video... I actually already wanted to shoot such an orgy, so to say, much earlier.. and for "Love who loves you back" it was of course just perfect. When we recorded the song, I immediately knew "okay, that will be the song for the video" and then we found the right director and could finally implement it.

Question: How was it for the other guys - besides Bill - at the set?
Bill: Highly erotic.
Tom: Highly erotic, yeah. Pure erotic at the set, so to say. Nah, we only watched. But to be honest, we didn't envy him for that. I think we just were quite glad that we didn't have that much tongue in our faces.

Question: Do you also want to sing in english in the future?
Bill: I think we'll do a lot of songs in english in the future, like on the new album. Because when you're living there [in LA], of course you also start to write in English, I also already noticed that on the last tour, that I really like to sing in english as well and that I actually like it more. But it can change of course. For example there were songs from the last album which I liked better to sing in german. It doesn't always work in both languages. That permanent translating is just a bit annoying.

Question: Will LA remain your home?
Tom: Well, right now we actually don't think about where we privately live. We'll be on tour for so long again, so that it doesn't matter anyway. I think next year we'll tour the entire year, we'll be sleeping in the tourbus and set up shop there. So, I think we'll stay in LA for now, we have a house there and I think it will stay like that for now.

Question: What do you miss when you're in LA?
Tom: Well, when we're in LA there are a lot of things from Germany that we miss... things like german bread, I always really miss the German Autobahn, to drive fast, and of course family and so on.. but we have to say that we always have a full house in LA. We always have friends or family over, someone's always there. That means we're actually doing quite well.

Translation by Herzblut @ TokioHotel_Info || Please use with credit, thanks!

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