Radio SAW concert 05.10.2014 - Magdeburg, Germany


"Louder than love" (acoustic live)

Interview & "Automatic" (acoustic live)


Host: After this break you probably also realised a bit what went wrong back then, or maybe there are some things about which you say that you should have done them better - are there some things that you're doing differently now?

Bill: Well,  I think what we've learned and what we are trying to manage now - and I don't know if it will work, let's see - is to find that balance between our career and making music, and our private life. Because we never had that before, we always worked non-stop and we never had that balance, which we were searching for and now we have that, and we try to keep that balance to also enjoy our career and the success. And so far we've had fun doing all our promo dates and everything's great and we just try to keep it up.

Host: Five years ago it was almost normal that after the concert you went out with people like Jay-Z to have dinner... who would you now wish for to unexpectedly attend your concert and have dinner with afterwards? In the past you mentioned people like David Hasselhoff or Steven Tyler.. who would it be at the moment?
Tom: Uhm....
Bill: David Bowie.
Georg: David Hasselhoff is still at the very top of the list.
Tom: David Hasselhoff is still at the very top, absolutely... apart from that, uhm.. I don't know, MC Fitti? (German rapper)
Georg: MC Fitti would be cool, yeah.

- Automatic acoustic live in between -

Host: Also the fans sent us some questions of course and so I'll just start with the first one now. Will there be a tour coming soon?

 Bill: Yes, definitely. Right now we're planning how we want to do that. I think we'll be on tour the entire next year and are going to play concerts. We don't know yet when and how exactly, but we'll figure that out in the next weeks.

Host: We will let ourselves be surprised... When you write a song, when's the point at which you say "It's perfect, we can release it now." ?

Bill: That's always different. Well, sometimes it never happens and the song never gets used. And sometimes it can be really fast, for example with "Girl got a gun", that's a song which was made super fast in the studio...
Tom: There are also songs where you think "Awesome, we're gonna release that" and then you listen to it half a year later and you think it's shit.
Bill: Exactly. It's always different.

Host: Okay. To Bill: How much did you change in the last four years in your opinion?

Bill: Uhm... I think concerning the look...
Tom: As a person he became an asshole...
Bill: I think concerning the look... I think [I changed] just like everyone else did in those five years, too. I think of course you change, and change your taste as well. I think when we're together as band now again and are on tour, nothing has changed in those five years, it's still like everything used to be. But I think that other people can judge that better because you see and experience yourself the entire day and you think you're always the same.

Host: Well, if I compare a video from 2010, I think it was a VIVA-Interview, with today, then you're definitely more grown up...

Tom: Oh, really?

Host: Definitely. It must be said. ... Will you continue living in LA or some day come back to Germany?

Tom: Hard to say... Well, I think we won't stay in LA forever, for that we love many other cities too much.. I don't know where we'll end up. I think for now we'll stay in LA because we don't have time to move house. It's not out of the question that someday we'll have a house in Germany again.
Bill: But it could also be that one day we'll move to India.
Tom: ...maybe also to India.

Host: The big dream of everyone, right?

Tom: Yeah, totally...

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"Girl got a gun" (acoustic live)

"Love who loves you back" (acoustic live)


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  1. Hey, is there any translation of the interview?

    1. A part of the interview is already translated here: We're working on a translation for the missing parts.

    2. Thank you! Can't wait for the rest! :D