DSDS-Magazin #01/2013 [Germany] - Scans & Translation


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Scans by TokioHotel-Info


They're world stars - and now they want to find Germany's new Superstar.

What appealed to you the most about being part of the DSDS-Jury?
It may sound cliché'd, but it's just completely different from anything we’ve done before. As a juror you have a big responsibility. You're influencing the future of the candidates.
Tom: DSDS simply offers the winner an incredibly awesome platform. 500,000 € and at least one big Hit are a good start. What the artist then makes out of this, depends on him- or herself. After DSDS, it's important to make the right decisions.

What are your strengths as jurors?
Tom and I have been making music since we were seven years old. We pretty much grew up in the music business. We know the small stages as well as the big states, we know the good and bad sides of this business which we will gladly pass on to the candidates. We want to accompany them on their way into the music business and are providing them with a little help in the beginning.
Tom: We also hope that the candidates take the advice to heart that we provide them with. That's not always the case though! The biggest factor that plays into that is how much potential does the artist have to start a career.

What is a must have feature for a candidate to win the Jury's hearts over?
I think we agree on that one. We want people with their own special kind of personality. We're looking for artists and not just people who sing well.
Bill: Someone that captivates you and wants to spend their life making music. Who has this special something that you can't teach anyone.

What should the candidates pay more attention to? especially during the Live shows?
That they're comfortable with the song, their voice and of course with their stage outfit. Nothing is more horrible than performing on stage when you actually feel really uncomfortable. At the end of the day, each candidate has 2-3 minutes to show off their skills and to enjoy their few minutes in the spotlight, and that's what I want them to do.

Do you have any advice for the candidates on how to get their excitement before the show under control? Do you have a ritual that you go through before a show?
An hour and a half before the show it's only us four, the band, in the dressing room. That's were we play together, with Bill singing to warm up his voice and just being nervous together. That's the time when no one bothers us about anything.
Bill: There's no secret or tip regarding that, and if there is then I'd really like to know it as well!!! One thing is for sure: It doesn't matter how long you've been doing this for, you'll always be excited about going on stage. And if you reach a point where this is not the case anymore, something is definitely wrong...
Tom: Oh, maybe I do have the ultimate Tip: Before a show you should really go to the bathroom to rid oneself of what you need to get rid of. You'll be more relaxed during the performance. I learned that from our bassist.

Do you have the same favorite candidates or do you each support different ones? Have you had any fights about that?
Tom (laughs):
That would've been nice, but Bill and I have the same favorites. We definitely talk a lot about our favorites behind the scenes. If there's a "fight", then it's between us, Mateo and Dieter!
Bill: Tom and I, unfortunately, already had to say goodbye to some candidates that we would have really liked to see in the live shows!

What influence do you have on the candidates behind the scenes? Do you help them with anything they need help with?
Yes, definitely. Tom and I are interested in helping and moving the candidates forward. That's what we're here for! We have no interest in seeing someone fail or being embarassed. We want them to grow and to improve as artists from week to week, and they can count on us for that. In front and behind the cameras!

Which experiences, that you made in show business, can you pass on to the candidates?
We always try to give them as much positive advice as possible, because most of the times the negative sides of show business already show themselves in the early stages of the career.
Bill: The candidates can ask us about anything they want to know, and of course we also try to protect them from a few things. But in the end, they do have to make their own mistakes.

And what are, in your opinion, the deciding factors, that make/define a superstar?
It’s hard to say. The people in the industry would say charisma, passion, ambition and so on. In the end it's the same as when you're asking someone that's in love: "Why are you in love with that specific person?" You just can't describe it, that's just the way it is!

For all Tokio Hotel fans: What's are you working on besides DSDS? What can the fans look forward to in 2013?
The can look forward to a new album. We don't know when it will come out, but it will definitely be released in 2013.
Tom: We are now in the studio with the whole Band and putting the final touches on the production of the album. We already decided on the songs that will be on the album!

*At the moment you're commuting between L.A. and Cologne - how does living in both worlds feel for you?
Sometimes it feels strange. Those are definitely two "world" that couldn't be more different from each other.
Tom: We love both places and are happy that we can pull it off like that!

*Cue: Styling. You're guys that attract a lot of attention. How important are styling and personality for an artists, to start a career in the music business?
You can't generalize that. It always depends on the artist! There are artists where the styling is absolutely not important and then there are some where the styling is a crucial part of their career. Personality is important. Styling comes with the personality.

*Those two questions didn't make the print version, but they were posted in the online excerpt of the interview on RTL.de.
Translation by Icey @ LoveTH-Music.com

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