25.05.2018, T-Online


"Tom Kaulitz sitzt neben Heidis Eltern im Publikum"


Tom Kaulitz sits next to Heidis parents in the audience

The final of "germany's next topmodel" in Düsseldorf has started. Heidi Klum and her girls were literally "conjured" up on stage. And Tom Kaulitz is watching.

Via social media Bill Kaulitz announced, he and his brother would be at the final of GNTM.
Right at the beginning of the live show the cameras were focused on the twins - right next to Erna und Günther Klum, parents of todays host Heidi Klum.

Its a special honor for the dear of Heidi Klum. Seems like Tom Kaulitz became part of the famous family. A GNTM finale is also a suitable opportunity to make everyone acquainted with each other and bring them together.

right next to the Tokio Hotel Twins were Heino with this Hannelore. Olivia Jones and Jochen Schropp were also in the audience.

(Quelle: t-online.de)
translation by jessy

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