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The Comeback of the Year

Tokio Hotel is one of the most popular german popbands. From January on, Bill and Tom Kaulitz will be sitting in the Jury of DSDS next to Dieter Bohlen. The brothers told BUNTE, why they took two years off.

Only a few minutes seperate them: Tom Kaulitz was born in 1989 at 6.20 a.m., his twin brother Bill ten minutes later. Dieter Bohlen, 58, calls the younger one "gift of god". Not from this world. And indeed, Bill Kaulitz looks like a being of another planet with his feminine facial features and fancy clotheses. Tom however looks boisterous, like a womanizer.
The 23-year-old brothers do everything together. From January 5th on they will make up one half of the Jury at "DSDS". A small sensation, because despite the success with their band Tokio Hotel (more than 8 million sold records) the two of them went into hiding for the past two years.

In 2010 you moved to Los Angeles to take some time off. Why did you leave Germany?
We were longing for a home and a private life, which just wasn't possible in Germany anymore.

We couldn't step out of the house without being photographed or getting mobbed by crazies. It was horrible.
Bill: We had security around us 24/7 and lived like in jail with a 2 meter high opaque fence around our property.

Tom, in an interview you said that "it's crass what sick and dangerous people are out there".
There are people who gave up their whole life for Tokio Hotel. It's a kind of hate-love. For them it's about controlling our whole life. All of our employees who stepped into our house were tracked by them - it didn't matter if it was the cleaning lady or the craftsman.
Bill: A 24-hour psycho-terror!
Tom: It felt like there was a spy watching your every move. They were organized in an unbelievably good way. We only thought: How do they always know where we are? And this despite the fact that we were working together with the police.

Can you understand/comprehend their obsession with you?
They're that dangerous because they don't have anything to lose. They project all their problems on us.

How far did those stalkers go?
They didn't have any boundaries. They tried any and everything just to get a reaction out of us.

No human being can take that. When did you reach the point where you had enough?
When they forced our car off the road.

Some family members were sitting with us in the car. We are protective towards our family and friends, just like anyone else is. When those people come near your family you instinctively take action.

You compared your life with that of Britney Spears. Were you able to sympathize with her when she shaved her hair off?
I can understand the situation she was in 100%. A certain kind of want for freedom lies behind that. You don't want other people to tell you what to do your whole life. And if you feel like shaving your hair off, then you just do it.

How much of your youth was lost because of Tokio Hotel?
We, of course, had a good time that we wouldn't have wanted to miss. What was taken from us early on was the ease.

What do you mean by that?
We were the leaders of a company at the age of 15 with Lawyers, Tax Advisers and Managers around us, all on our payroll. A huge chunk of responsibility rested on our shoulders, which at the same time was a good thing since we hate superiors.

Bill, you haven't been able to fall in love with someone since you turned 14 - also because you have a problem with trusting people. How much do you miss this form of love?
In this "fast life" that I'm living, I miss the reliability. I always longed to have someone who would just be there for me. Of course I have Tom. I'm extremely happy that we're brothers. I wouldn't be able to work as a solo artist.

Why did you choose to move to Los Angeles, why not any other city?
We didn't move there to lead a glamour life. We have some recording studios we work in there and we were able to take some time off.
Bill: We are definitely more free! We especially enjoy working on our new Album every day.

How long are you planning to stay in the US for?
Tom: We get bored pretty fast. It's possible that we'll come back to Germany soon.

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Translation by Icey @ LoveTH-Music.com

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