Press Conference 02.10.2014 - Berlin, Germany - Videos


Teil 1 || Part 1

Translation - Part 1

Woman: Ladies and gentlemen, the reason why you're here today... here is Tokio Hotel!


Reporter: Good to see you back again. Now is it a comeback in Germany where you also want to stay or will you go back to America?
Bill: Uhm... the plan is that we'll do Germany now, we'll fly to France, then Italy, and then we'll fly back to LA. (...) I think I need to hold the mic closer to me... Well yeah, it just came along that we'll start here now so to say [in Germany] and then, uhm.. we'll fly back to LA.

*some people talking because the sound doesn't work properly*

Reporter: So maybe you can please say that again.
Bill: Well yeah, we'll start here in Germany now with the first Dates, we already did a few things back in America, after Germany we'll go to France, then Italy, and then back to LA. Afterwards South America.
Reporter: You'll go to "Wetten, dass..." on Saturday, what do you expect?
Bill: I think it's already our third time that we'll be there and we're looking forward to it, the show won't exist long anymore (side note: the show in Erfurt is the first one of the last three "Wetten, dass" shows), so we're happy that we can be there once again and uhm..
Tom: It's gonna be great, Megan Fox is there... (crowd laughs)
Bill: Yeah... We'll present our single "Love who loves you back".

Translation by Herzblut @ TokioHotel_Info || Please use with credit, thanks!

Teil 2 || Part 2

Translation - Part 2

Reporter: Welcome back! My first question to you - how do you feel, like, are you nervous of this comeback and what do you expect, do you think you can take up this success and how important is that still to you?
Bill: Well for us it actually doesn't feel like a comeback because.. well of course we didn't make an Album for a while, but we didn't break up or something, we just took our time with the album... uhm... but yeah, we're excited, we worked on it for such a long time, and when you're in the studio that long, then I think it's always exciting to share it with the world... everything was always top secret, also the record company didn't hear anything until two weeks ago and then "sending it out" and to share it with the world is always exciting, of course. Well, we're definitely nervous to...
Tom (interrupts): We also just came from our first live rehearsals, and we heard Georg and Gustav play live again, they're a bit rusty I have to say... *audience laughs*

Reporter: And what do you expect now from your fans? They also were a reason for you to disappear back then, and how's your relationship to them now?
Bill: Nah, our relationship to the fans is great, we also love their support, it's unbelievable. That's also not to be taken for granted when you don't make any new music for such a long time. And the feedback that we've got is really great, we were really surprised and didn't expect that so many people wait for it until we make new music, and we're thrilled about the feedback.

Reporter: What was the reason for that sexual whatsoever... - in "Girl got a gun", what kind of blue teddy was that.. or was that an elephant who's in the wrong place or...
Tom: That's Toko, our new mascot, actually we wanted to have him here today but unfortunately he got caught at customs... that's why he didn't make it here. But to be honest I only noticed his cock much later.. in the video it's actually not that much about the penis, more about the art itself. And uhm...I think the cover for "Love who loves you back" was just extremely funny, maybe I also was the only one who thought so but...
Bill: No but honestly, we didn't think that actually the soft toy... well, we thought it's funny and maybe it makes people chuckle, but the video also has a lot of other things of which we thought that they'd be cool, especially the technique of how it was made is cool, it's just completely different than from what we did before. We found the director pretty cool, we worked with him for the first time, and so the soft toy wasn't like the big thing for us I'd say.
Reporter: And the orgy in "Love who loves you back"?
Bill: Well yeah... I've wanted to do a video like that for a long time already and... uhm I'm... a huge fan of the movie "The Perfume" (Das Parfüm) and I always found that movie amazing and I had the idea like an eternity ago... I actually already wanted to do that for the last album. So that instead of making perfume, we make our music and that it causes this orgy among people. And I actually wanted to do it much earlier, but the opportunity never occured, but now for this song the opportunity opened up of course and then yeah, we did that.

Translation by Herzblut @ TokioHotel_Info || Please use with credit, thanks!

Teil 3 || Part 3

Translation - Part 3

Reporter: You were gone for five years now, you've grown up now and according to this the cover looks like, that mouse... whose idea was it?
Tom: Mine.
Reporter: Many big stars will be envious because it wasn't their idea, I think it's genius.

Reporter: How was the group cuddling in "Love who loves you back" for you?
Bill: Uhm, I was extremely nervous, when we met with the director before and I told him the idea and what I wanted to do, he wrote a (?) and originally it wasn't even planned that I'm involved in all those scenes, so actually I only was supposed to run around there and sing. And I said to them: No no, I want to join in that and so on, because otherwise I don't find it wicked. Because I sing of "Love who loves you back" and if I don't love back then I don't think it's cool and it doesn't make sense. And because of that I told myself that I want to take part in that, that I don't have inhibitions and problems at all, and uhm, one day before the videoshoot I was extremely nervous because of course I had never done that before. But yeah, all the actors were really nice and everything was very professional, even if the first actor used a lot of tongue and I had my face full of lipstick afterwards. But you get used to it very fast. It doesn't have a lot of sexuality and intimacy in it if you do that in front of a camera.

Reporter: You've built up a life in LA now, how much do you still feel as a "Magdeburger" and how often are you in Germany?
Tom: Well, "Magdeburger", it's hard to say, because I've never felt as Magdeburg somehow... as Magdeburg *laughs* well, rather more like a "Magdeburger"... but I think we still feel extremely german, the Connection to Germany still exists, also in LA, we always talk german, we miss german food, I miss the Autobahn, and things like that, so yeah... we are still here once in a while, we produced a lot of our album here, we were in Hamburg in the studio, met with Georg and Gustav of course, wrote the album and so on, so the german connection still exists. Also now, when we'll travel a lot with the new album, it doesn't matter where you live because you're only on tour.

Reporter: The aesthetics in the video of "Girl got a gun" is quite trashy I'd say, so did you eventually let yourself get inspired by Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, that "California Lifestyle"?
Tom: Katy Perry is trashy, but I think in an other way.
Bill: Uhm, nah, I don't even know, we discovered that director and he has that style in which he makes his videos, in that spooled effect, and we just thought it's good that someone's doing that because the song is like extremely funky and it has that sick beat and so I thought it would be awesome to have an effect like that in the video, to make a rather untypical video. Uhm, and I wanted to.. and yeah, I had the idea for the drag Queens, and, uhm, and yeah, he organized the costumes, so it was a work we did together. And we just thought we'd make something new, something interesting. I think it's an extremely cool video. So I was surprised that so many people found it sh... I think it's a fresh and new video and it makes fun for the song. And yeah, we're extremely happy with it.

Reporter: Has anyone of you ever had something to do with the drag scene, so that he came to that idea?
Bill: Nah, I just thought because... because... you can also interpret the songtext in a different way, when "Girl.. got.. a gun"... and because of that I thought it'd be just funny to have a real woman, and also a woman with a gun in her pants.

Translation by Herzblut @ TokioHotel_Info || Please use with credit, thanks!

Teil 4 || Part 4

Teil 5 || Part 5

Teil 6 || Part 6


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