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Part 1

Woman: Well, today it's a holiday (side note: October 3rd is actually the Day of German Unity in Germany) because we celebrate the release of the new Tokio Hotel album in Germany, and here they are - I have a premiere in their wardrobe, hello Tokio Hotel!
Bill: Hello!
Woman: You took a break for five years, now one could think you also took five years to produce this album, is that true?
Bill: Nah, we didn't... uhm... do anything for the first 1 1/2 years. We withdrew ourselves first for 1 1/2 years, we did nothing, no Music, nothing. And then we slowly started to go back in the studio. You have to say, the last album was released in 2009, we were on tour with this album until 2011, we were in South America then, in Japan, in Russia, and toured. And then... uhm.. we didn't do anything for 1 1/2 years and only then started to make the album, so in reality those 4 or 5 years are passing by very fast.
Woman: Why didn't you do anything?
Bill: Uhm, we didn't want to do anything first because we had worked for so long and we wanted to live life to get inspired for new things, for new songs and so on, because we didn't even have to tell and to say anything anymore. And we also didn't know which music we'd like to make and I just suddenly stopped to write down things. and because of that I just thought 'Okay,, I think we just need to live life now." to somehow get inspired by it again.
Woman: I already read in many articles that you had a real crisis in that time and that you moved to the USA because of that, 'cause you couldn't deal with the success here anymore, and stalking, and stressful fans.
Bill: Yes exactly, Well, success.. not because of the success, success is always something beautiful, but it was just hard for us, or at the end even impossible to have a private life, and you also only realize that a bit later. I also think that when you get a bit older, like at the beginning of 20...
Tom (interrupts): It was a mix of it won't work here in Germany or in Europe to build up a private life, but on the other hand we couldn't even do that because we were permanently on tour since we were 15.
Bill: Yeah, and somewhen you notice that you also want to have something outside, as a balance. We just missed the balance to the career. Suddenly it was just that [the career] and there was nothing privately and we could lead no private life at all, and so we thought "Okay, we just need that now."
Woman: And how do you live in LA now? Do you live together?
Tom: Yes, we live together and we'll probably always have it like this. We can't even imagine to live seperately.
Bill: Nah in our house it's like a big living community...
Tom: But at our place it's always full, we always have friends over, family, so someone's always there, it's never only the two of us in the house, so yeah...

Part 2

Woman: What would interest me, do you have a special twin connection? Because that really exists, that when you're not together once, you still feel that the other twin feels bad...
Tom: Exactly, you dream the same things and so on...
Woman: Are you serious?
Tom: Yes!
Bill: Well, the thing is what most of the people would never expect at all, but Tom can't be without me at all, even less than I can't be without him.
Tom (interrupts): That's such a... He planned to spread that rumor now!
Bill: Nah, Tom can't even.. he wouldn't even fly to New York for two days without me! When I sometimes do things on my own, he immediately calls or texts me "Where are you? When will you come home? May I go with you?"....
Georg (in the background): May I go with you...
Bill: ... so we always do things together, we can't... it's like we're one person, there isn't one thing in this world that Tom doesn't know about me and vice versa. There's not a single secret between us.
Woman: Can I test that?
Bill: Yeah.
Woman: I have a bet for you, a backstage-bet. Yours would be "How well do I know my brother?". So you sit back to back that you can't see each other. I'll make claims about you, and if it's true, then thumbs up, if it's not true, then thumbs down. If I win, then I'll go with you to your release party.
Bill: Okay, deal!
Tom: What if we win?
Woman: Then, uhm...
Tom: ... you won't come. *twins laugh*
Woman: Well okay, deal!
Tom: That means you'll get something and we don't get anything, okay...
Woman: Well, I'll start now. - Tom takes a long time in front of the mirror in the morning.
Tom: *thumbs up*
Bill: Tom, you also have to think about what I'd say. *thumbs up*
Woman: So I think we can say that's the first conformity. How much time does Tom take in the bathroom?
Bill: 1 1/2 hours.
Tom: Bullshit!
*twins laugh*
Bill: But you have to put lotion on your whole body!
Tom: Well, that's the problem...
Woman: That means when you did thumbs up and that's 1 1/2 hours, then it means that you even take longer than 1 1/2 hours, that's a bit crazy!
Tom: The crazy thing is that.. well, I have the quirk that I always put lotion on my entire body as soon as water touches my body. And especially for my lower regions that takes its time.
Woman: Uhm, next... you have the point! Next claim. Bill drinks his coffee black.
*both thumbs down*
Woman: Okay. Point for you. Tom is homesick for Germany.
*both thumbs down*
Woman: Conformity. Bill was the better pupil.
*both thumbs down*
Woman: Tom was the first to have girls.
*both thumbs up*
Tom: Wasn't that a conformity or...
Bill: It was.
Woman: Of course! I don't even have to say anything anymore. I just think "shit shit shit" now, it was so clear. - Bill gets jealous very fast.
*both thumbs up*
Woman: Point for you again! Are we at 7 points already?
Georg: One point left, then the game's over. So the release party is history for you.
Woman: Well, I have one left. Bill sleeps naked.
*both thumbs down*
Woman: Ugh, boring! Okay, you won.
*Bill and Tom cheering*
Woman: Do you still want to do the ones who are left?
Bill: Yeah.
Woman: Tom is impatient.
*both thumbs up*
Woman: Bill's favorite color is red.
*Bill is unsure and starts to laugh*
Bill: I don't even know that myself.
Tom: Me neither. ... *they're laughing* We've never talked about that.
Woman: Nice that you both don't agree on that. Attention, I still have one. Tom talks in his sleep.
*both thumbs down*
Woman: That's also right.
Tom: Very good.
Woman: Oh man, you're flagship-twins!
Bill: Well, we told you that we're like one person.
Woman: Okay guys, then we'll stop, you'll get rid of me now, we'll never see each other again, but it was really nice with you though!
Bill: Thank you!
Woman: And I wish you a lot of success with the album and have fun at "Wetten, dass..." tomorrow!
Bill: Thank you very much!

Translation by Herzblut @ TokioHotel_Info || Please use with credit, thanks!

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