"Wetten, dass..." 04.10.2014 - Erfurt, Germany - Performance & Interview


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Host: The madness goes on!
Bill: Will we get a flower bouquet?!
Host: No, you don’t get one but Gustav said he wants to get a flower bouquet so bad during yesterdays rehearsals and he said ‘I only gonna go to Wetten, dass…? if I receive flowers’. Gustav come down and join us and then you get the flowers.
Host: All right then everyone to the couch.
Host: Gustav, here you are! These are your flowers! Follow me guys! Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav. I’m really glad you are here! It’s been 5 years….. but no comeback. They just forgot to work.
Host: Benedikt, did you listen to Tokio Hotel in the past? Was it ‘your’ band?
Benedikt Höwedes: Well, I have to be honest, it wasn’t really my music at the beginning. Maybe that’ll change now?
Host: So Bill do you think wow I’m glad to be back! or do you think the madness starts all over again? Today I took a look in front of your hotel and everybody was standing there again.
Bill: Yes well we notice that the madness is starting again. But we also had lots of free time in the past so we’re ready. It feels good!
Tom: Yeah and I was looking forward to Megan Fox! Where is she now?
Host: Well unfortunately she had to leave already. How do you experience everything at the moment? I remember a time when they threw braces on stage when you came. Did that change into dental prosthesis now?
Bill: Oh well I like both, braces or dental prosthesis who cares? But it really feels good and we saw the band with 4 people again a few days ago too. And yeah it just feels good overall and we are really happy with the album and the song and also the feedback is great, better than we expected so we are really satisfied.
Host: What do you get… I mean in L.A. how many time did you spend there Tom?
Tom: Uhm about 4 years I guess, yeah.
Host: When you are in L.A. do you notice all the things that are happening over here in Germany and how the whole music business changes?
Tom: We notice a lot! But the music business changed like crazy. I mean when we started out Facebook just started and wasn’t as big as it is now either, we didn’t take selfies but wrote lots of autographs…
Bill: This time the question really was: Will we even print autograph cards? Because there are many people who don’t want autographs anymore and they only want a selfie and if you say no then they say they want none of these things.
Host: That’s really totally wicked stuff you’re experiencing. You’re talking like grandfathers like ‘in the past everything was different and a lot better!’.
Bill: In the past everything was different!
Host: You two stayed here during that time right?
Georg: Yes we stayed in Magdeburg.
Host: Georg and Gustav stayed in Magdeburg. Did you have contact with each other?
Georg: Yes all the time. We often flew over and visited them and yeah.
Bill: I don’t like you using my golden microphone. Don’t we have one left?
Host: It’s also that tone between you guys. So the friendship lasted through all those years? I mean you guys started out very young.
Gustav: Yes definitely and it’ll stay that way. It’s like our longest relationship.
Host: I once met you guys many years ago, you probably won’t remember because it was just a really brief encounter, but I thought hopefully they’ll get through that madness and hopefully they’ll survive it. Did you think the same way?
Bill: Well I was actually always really confident that we’ll survive it but the break definitely was good for everyone. We just needed a break. We never talked about how long it’ll be so we didn’t have a deadline and also our record label didn’t give us one and we just said we’ll come back once we got some good music. And yeah now it actually lasted longer than we planned. We wanted to release something last year already but we had a run in the studio so we decided to add another year.
Host: And now everything’s going well! Now the band who used to polarize because the hair wasn’t right or something is being played on the radio.
Bill: I still think Georgs hair sucks. But we heard our song on the radio for the first time in Germany because we were never played on the radio in the past, that only happened in other countries, and on our way to Berlin we really heard it on the radio and we think that’s a great progress.
Host: To be honest that’s really hard to believe right? When such a successful band hears their own song for the first time on the radio after such a long time.
Now we want to expand our guests with a man and I guess especially Bill knows him very well, who is also a very big fan of Tokio Hotel. And you also had an experience together where you toured through the night for the wonderful series of ARTE (german TV channel).
Now the host introduces Wolfgang Joop and tells about his work and stuff.
When Wolfgang Joop enters the stage:
Host: You kind of look like the lost band member of Tokio Hotel.
Joop: More like their grandfather. We also had to wait for each other 4 long years right?
Now they basically say nothing important anymore. Joop got asked to do a style check of the bands style but he didn’t really answer the question.

Translation by loveth-music.com

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  2. thanks for this, I watched the show and was frustrated because I couldn't understand any of the interview so I'm so happy you translated it : )