Spotify Fanchat 06.10.2014 - Berlin, Germany - Tokio Hotel's answers


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Here are all the answers from today's fanchat on Spotify:

  • "We found us" - Bill's favourite song of the album.
  • Tom - My favourite is GGAG
  • Georg - I'm currently into LWLYB
  • "Great Day" is one of the last songs we've wrote for the album. can't wait to play it live
  • We would love to come to Italy but the record company just cancelled the trip...
  • your support is amazing and we are overwhelmed!
  • Gustav - my fave is FIA
  • Do you know the feeling when your body wants to sleep but your heart can't?!
  • Pumba is enyoing the Soundrop
  • @ Carla - Buddy is fine miss him so much
  • @ Joselyn Latin America shows is a YES
  • We are putting together first live dates for next year as we are talking
  • @ Tina the album art is featuring a sound wave that's the line we always use
  • Which song would you put out as the next single?
  • @ Valeria def Banana Split
  • This our single "Love Who Loves You Back" - take your clothes of and enjoy the song
  • @ Cloui I love German Riesling
  • @ AAAALLLL make sure to request LWLYB at your local radio station!!
  • @ emmi - Make sure to not miss out on the new season of Homeland
  • We try to come everywhere - we'll keep you posted!
  • This one is "Invaded"
  • One of the two ballades we wrote for this Album
  • @ Nadia - not yet
  • Gustav: Yes I have a dog!
  • @ Julie - There will be VIP packages at our Shows
  • Bill: I'm so exited!
  • @ Meme - Pumba is barking to GGAG !!!
  • Bill: We designed the whole merch personally.
  • GGAG!!!!! Who loves the video as much as I do? Tom
  • Bill: We just don't want to translate anymore. But if I write a song in german it will stay german!
  • Next for you "Feel It All"
  • Turn your speakers up - it's our favourite after hour song ...
  • @ Emma - most difficult song was Covered in Gold
  • Bill: the whole video was just so much fun to make!
  • We might come over to Southamerica in November
  • @ Alexandra - GGAG was a LOT of fun to write, and Run was a really special song to sing in the Studio
  • Tom: For me writing "Covered In Gold" was Special.
  • Great Day represents the end - Bill
  • 5 minutes to go
  • Yes Döner, but we can't have it anymore, cause we don't eat meat - but Gustav does!
  • Final Post!!! coming up
  • Au revoir - bye - adios - ciao - doswidanija - tschüss ...
  • thanks to everyone - we love you guys!

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