RTL Exclusiv Weekend 12.10.2014 - "Bill Kaulitz - Stylecheck"



Fashion Police

(They already showed some stylechecks of a few women before)

Voice-over: Can he be a big competition for Rebecca Mir? (German model) At the press conference in Berlin Bill Kaulitz appears in a net-shirt and Lady-Gaga-like plateau slippers.

Woman 1: If someone in Germany can wear something like that, then it's Bill Kaulitz.
Thomas Rath (German designer): That's right. He isn't metrosexual, he's just incredibly cool.
Woman 2: I think he's authentic. And that's what I find good.
Woman 1: He isn't disguised. You very often have the feeling that german stars or people who want to provoke are only just disguised. And when you look at him you really think that he has fun in dressing like this. He lives it.
Armin Morbach (german star hairdresser): On Bill it's just sexy. You look at him, and you don't immediately think of something feminine. You simply think of a great guy, who's well styled, and I guess he smells incredibly good. I think the beard looks good on him..
Woman 2: Aha...! *they laugh*
Armin Morbach: He represents us incredibly well in foreign countries.

Voice-over: So, the grade from Armin Morbach shouldn't be a surprise. How do the others see that?

Thomas Rath: A! (Grade 1 in german)
Woman 2: A!
Woman 1: A!
Armin Morbach: A!
Thomas Rath: Four As! I'd say this is the look of the month!
Woman 1: Yes!

Voice-over: That's how it goes. Bill Kaulitz ascends our fashion-throne with a clear A!

Translation by Herzblut @ TokioHotel_Info || Please use with credit, thanks!

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