Interview with Bill by Très Click @ Ritz Carlton Hotel - Berlin, Germany



"Stuck in the elevator with Bill Kaulitz"

Woman: I heard you're a control freak, how big is your panic and claustrophobia now on a scale from 1 to 10?
Bill: Not too bad in fact, because luckily this is a luxurious and big Elevator, but it's actually true, I'm a real control freak, I'm never able to hand over control to someone else. Sometimes I'd like to be a bit more relaxed, and would like to withdraw myself sometimes from things to only concentrate on doing cool things. But I always have to take a look over everything and always double check if the door is closed and so on, and I think to get stuck in an elevator would be pretty much my nightmare.
Woman: In your new song it says "Love who loves you back". Have you ever loved someone who didn't love you back?
Bill: Uhm... yes, I did. It also happened to me. I guess a lot of people always think that as a celebrity you're protected from that, but in fact it also happened to me... Uhm, yeah.
Woman: You haven't been to Germany in a long time. What did you miss the most?
Bill: I have to say that actually I miss german plum cake the most. Plum cake from my grandma. And the German Autobahn, because the traffic is a lot better there than in LA.
Woman: You look really rad, you completely changed your style in my opinion, do you have a favorite fashion designer or how did you get inspired?
Bill: Uhm, I totally like Givenchy, they're my absolute favorite at the moment. And apart from that the '90s are coming back, Buffalo designed new shoes which I find cool. And yeah, those are my favorites at the moment.
Woman: I heard a rumor that you want to start your own fashion line. Is that true?
Bill: I would totally like to do that, that's a dream I have always wanted to fulfill once.. and also with that it's like that I want to do it right if I do it, and then I really take it seriously, and I hope I'll have the time for that. I absolutely want to do that, I already have designs and names, so I hope it will work one day.
Woman: In your job there are often crazy situations, just like now, do you remember a shoot or a job that was just crazy?
Bill: Uhm... my most beautiful or one of the most beautiful shootings I had was the one with Karl Lagerfeld, which I find super cool and we got along super well, we actually just chatted the whole time and didn't took that many photos. The shooting itself was done in only 5 minutes, he's incredibly fast. But I have good experiences with shootings in general, so with "...." (couldn't understand who he meant, sorry) it was also a great shooting, she's also a super nice woman and I already shooted with many phothographers who I really like to remember.
Woman: Did your dog Pumba get along well with "Choupette"?
Bill: With who?
Woman: With "Choupette", the cat.
Bill: Oh, the cat! She wasn't there, and I also didn't have Pumba at that time. I have had Pumba for 10 months now, and he's my new love in my life so to say.
Woman: Aww, okay, that's nice. Last question: Was this the strangest interview you have ever done?
Bill: Uhm... It definitely belongs to the scale, absolutely...
Woman: Okay, I'll let you out now, thank you!
Bill: Thank you!

Translation by Herzblut @ TokioHotel_Info || Please use with credit, thanks!

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