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Tokio Hotel: "We are continuing to grow as a band"

Tokio Hotel is back to music scene with their brand new album “Kings Of Suburbia”. And despite being busy, the guys found the time to talk with “” about the modern music industry, favourite artists and as well told us why it took so long to record the new album “Kings Of Suburbia”.

Tokio Hotel

— Now you are on a European promo tour. Will u come to Russia?
We would like to come to Russia. I think in the near future (like next couple of days) that’s not going to happen. But we would like to come and tour. We are definitely going to come and play live and see our Russian fans for sure.
— So Russian fans will see you at your world tour in 2015?
Oh, yes!
— Your last tour “Welcome To Humanoid City” had multiple designs on the stage. What about future concerts? Will you prepare something special?
Yeah, always. I think that people can always expect that we will create a show. So we are not just playing instruments, we are always creating a show. It’s a great experience for everyone and then they can remember. So we will definitely put on something great. We have just started with our creative concepts and ideas. We are going to make a great show. It will be hard to top the last one because it was a great tour but we differently will plan something.
— For your new album “Kings Of Suburbia” you changed the style and now you sound more electronic and even dance. Will you continue to make songs in that way?
Yes, but you never know. We have been making music as a band for 14 years now. We are continuing to grow as a band — as artists, songwriters and producers. And you keep on doing the music and of course your influences are changing over the years. It’s hard to predict the future. We love the sound that we are doing right now and we will take it from there. And will see what the next record sounds like but for now we love what we are doing.


— It took you 5 years to make a new album. Can you say why it took so long?
First of all it wasn’t that long. We put out the last record in 2009 and we worked with the album over the course of the year. Then we toured for 1 and a half years. So we finished with the tour at the end of 2011. After that we took a year off and moved to Los Angeles. We just needed some time for the creative side as well. We wanted to step out from our careers and see what kind of music we wanted to do, and see how we want to keep on doing things from that point. And after one year of relaxing we started to work on the record. It took us a little bit longer than we thought but for the first time we produced everything on our own and wrote every song. It took a little while. It’s not like other artists who take the songs from other songwriters or wherever. We really wrote everything from scratch.
— What are your favorite songs from the new album?
This kind of question you can’t ask someone who is making an album. There are so many stories and personal involvement. It’s really hard to choose the songs because we choose the songs for this album that we love 100%. It probably will change whilst touring. For now it’s «We Found Us» and «Love Who Loves You Back».

— Over the last couple of weeks U2 gave away their new album and then Thom Yorke released his solo album using torrents. What do you think about this kind of way to present new music?
It’s hard to say to be honest. U2 got a cheque from “Apple”. If somebody will pay us 75 million then we will maybe consider to put records out like that but it’s hard to say. The music industry has changed a lot over the last few years and musicians and artist are using their music more and more for promotion. None of the artists are making much with the music anymore because nobody is buying CDs, and many people are not legally downloading. The main issue is illegally downloads, with people not buy the music. Free music has a good sides and bad sides. You kind have to go with the times but in generally it’s hard. We are songwriters, we are producers and we sitting in the studios for the years and you are creating your stuff. And this is why we are doing music, because we live from that. It’s our job. People are taking it for free and it’s strange feeling for every artist and every musician. But the time is changing so you have to go with it.
— So, illegal downloads are the biggest problem in the music industry right now?
It always going be the biggest problem that people don’t buy the music. It’s pretty hard for everybody in the music industry. It seems to be getting worse and worse. The music industry has to find the way to survive. New techniques, new ways to make money on the music and continue to make music industry improve. It’s super hard now days because you don’t need a studio anymore. Time changes dramatically so people need to buy music as they are buying the clothes and food.
— What do you guys think about the modern pop industry? Which artists did you listen to recently?
We really love Robyn. And Ellie Goulding is amazing. Her production, vocal production and the sound is amazing. The last Arctic Monkeys’ album was great too.
— Yeah! It’s my favorite too.
It’s very good.
— With who from modern pop industry you would like to make a duet?
It’s hard to say. It really depends on the song. Maybe with some DJs. It also depends on personal relationships because we want to work with people who are great in the personal way not only good musicians. A couple of DJs will be cool to work with. Will see.
— We know that Bill’s dog – Pumba – is traveling with you guys. Does he feel like superstar already?
Oh yeah! He totally feels like a superstar. He has everything he wants from everyone. He is totally spoiled but he is great dog. The cutest dog on the Earth. He loves to travel and super chill. He is super sweet.

Tokio Hotel

— How do you see yourselves in 10 years? What goals would you like to achieve?
Keep going on what we are doing. We are around for the 10 years and the main goal for us are keeping on doing what we love. Putting out records, going on tours and travelling the world.
— Wow. That sounds great. What would you say to your Russian fans?
We want to say thank you because we feel the support from Russia. The Russians fans are very supportive and we see it on social media. We can feel your love and want to come back as soon as possible. We will come to Russia with the new tour. We are 100% sure and we can not wait to present you our new album.
— Thank you guys, it was very lovely conversation. Good luck with your concerts and with promotion of your new album. I hope it’s going to be very successful. I mean it’s already quite popular.
Yeah! Thank you so much. See you and good luck. Bye!


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