Nov 21, 2013

BTK Twins Personal Messenger - Photos #373 - 20.11.2013

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Photo: Bill: Give back my heart that ... your body rejected.


  1. thank you for news ...
    His tattoos are really horrid , i hate them...
    But i think bill became mad after live in LA...
    maybe its because he cant find his true love!
    i am really sorry for him...

    1. Oddly, I agree with you about tattoo and LA part. This tattoo is simply awful, I don't recognize this musician anymore. When he used to live in Germany he was very unique and original person with own style, now he's some damn american hipster!

  2. Ja alsob? Nicht jeder hat so ein tattoo..das tattoo ist einfach gar nicht hipster..aber Hauptsache müll gelabbert..das sind mir die liebsten leute

  3. Aren't you supposed to wear your heart on your sleeve........not your shoulder?

    And I agree with the other comments.
    Stop! already Bill.
    Terrible, terrible tats!
    Hate them as well.