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Bill, why have you still not found "the one"?

He's been lonely for so long! The Tokio Hotel-Singer talks to BRAVO about his trouble with finding "the one".

This year's DSDS season is full of hot flirts and big feelings! Ex-candidate Sarah Joelle Jahnel (23) claims that the contestants are having sex with each other. And with Lisa Wohlgemuth (21) and Erwin Kintop (17) there's also a young couple in love thrown into the mix. Well, love can be really beautiful: As long as you find someone who’ll always be there for you, understands you and takes you as you are. That’s the best feeling in the world! But what if this person just doesn’t step into your life? You wait and wait but it just doesn’t happen!

That’s also the case for DSDS-Juror Bill Kaulitz. The, now, 23-year old has been single for 8 years! That's an eternity! No cuddling, no kissing, no butterflies in the stomach for such a long time. That's so sad! Before the big breakthrough with Tokio Hotel in the summer of 2005, he had 5 girlfriends. After that: nothing - and that despite girls around the world adoring him.

The rocker is speaking openly about this topic: "Of course I want that to happen to me too. Every person is made for being with someone." But why doesn't it work for you, Bill? "I ask that myself too", he laughs and shrugs his shoulders, trying to find answers to this question. "I have a hard time trusting people. This might be one of the problems."

Which is understandable since Bill has been in the spotlight since he turned 15. "Who really likes me for the person I am and who only likes me because I'm famous?" are questions that arise every time when the singer and juror gets to know new people. "Besides I also might have high expectations when it comes to love. A lot of people are only in relationships because they can't be alone. I don't want this. Either they want to be in one or not! When I'm in love, then I'm completely in love - forever and always. I don't want to come to an arrangement with this person, it just has to fit." Finding "the one" - that certainly puts a nice mental image in your head. And it's so very romantic. But sometimes you also have to give those people a chance, that don't seem perfect to you at first glance. Because often feelings, like trust, develop over time.

That's also what Bill's twin brother, Tom, tries to get into his brothers head. "It's really not easy for Bill to get to know women when I'm around. They then only have eyes for me.", he starts out joking, but gets serious afterwards: "All joking aside, I really want to help Bill. I always tell him his expectations in love are too high." Unlike Bill, Tom never had problems with getting close to girls. Quite the opposite: When the boys from Loitsche started out Tom bragged about his "adventures" with groupies that he took into his hotel room - he definitely didn't keep quiet about them.

But the wild times are over - the 23-year-old is happy with ONE girl: Since 2011 it's rumoured that he's in a relationship with Ria (27) from Hamburg. And what does Bill have to say about his twin brother having a girlfriend? "It's feels strange. He has someone, I don't. But I know that we'll always have the closest relationship - that's a fact and women will have to accept that. We come in a double pack. A girl is, basically, in a relationship with both of us." The brothers are indeed inseperable. The two of them always appear as a duo - which is, at the moment, also the case with DSDS.

What really makes them strong: Bill and Tom can often communicate with each other just by thinking or looking at each other. And they pledge: "We want to die together!" But a life without love? Both of them don't want this. Tom already found his luck - and Bill will hopefully also meet "the one" soon. Eight years of loneliness are definitely enough...

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