BTK Twins Personal Messenger - Alien Wall #387 - 04.02.2013


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  1. Seems you're a little bit depressed,how comes it happens? Yeah,well,many of my folks feel that way lately,don't know why.Is a really horrible feeling.
    So my cat is very simple,he has not high breed standards but he is the best cat in the world,his name is Onision,like one freak youtuber that make very funny vids.I think you'd get a persian cat,they are so beautiful.You know cats were very important in Egypt,they were considered divine creatures.
    What,do you like to drive in the backseat? No,i don't like backseats.
    I dislike people who ride bicycles too.I'd rather prefer rollerblading.
    Tom,you're very quiet,are you hiding something? Maybe some big stuff for the new record?

  2. Do you like horses? I always loved horses but is very dificult to have one if you don't have enough space to let them walk free,they are so beautiful and smart animals.

  3. I was wondering ,are you really good cookers or somebody cooks for you?