Jan 17, 2013

BTK Twins Personal Messenger - Photos #300 - 17.01.2013

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Photo: Tom: Here You Go!


  1. As much as I like tattoos I have to say it's really awful one...

  2. Oh Bill! How on earth did you look at that design & think, 'Yep, that looks great!'

    That artist has no business doing tattoos until they learn how anatomy works. BODIES DO NOT BEND THAT WAY.

  3. I LOVE IT.
    Awhile back, Bill posted this painting. HE HAD SAD HOW IT SOMEHOW STIRRED A PROFOUND FELLING IN HIS SOUL.
    I understand it. MIGHT take too long to explain. He is like the merman in a quest for true love with a human woman. His fame has made bim almost mythcial, creating barrier between his hearts desire for his soulmate. As their two worlds are oceans and even a lifetime apart.

  4. It is for his girlfriend Clara look at his twitter page @Bill__K

    1. You really think that's him?! :D :D
      Better try @Dunkelheit__89 It seems closer to the truth.

    2. Bill doesn't have official twitter account