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Tom & Bill
With us nobody will get further just out of pity

How do the new DSDS judges Bill and Tom Kaulitz want to stir up the show? They revealed it to BRAVO.

On 5th January [2013] another new season of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" will finally start – and this time there's even a big anniversary to be celebrated: for the 10th time RTL is looking for a solo singer who's got what it takes to be the next big thing. And while the show's ambition stays the same, quite a few things changed on the judging panel: it features two real world stars with Bill and Tom Kaulitz (both 23) from Tokio Hotel. Together with Culcha Candela rapper Mateo (34) and Casting King Dieter Bohlen (58) they're deciding who gets to sing and who gets the boot. BRAVO met up with the TH twins during recordings in Berlin:

Bravo: You're the new judges on "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". You declined "The Voice of Germany" though. Why?
That's right. We've declined all offers from other casting shows…
Tom: DSDS just got the most viewers and therefore offers a bigger platform for the artists. What's more, the live shows are done the best.

Bravo: What are you personally getting out of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar"?
Fun. We just totally felt like [doing] it. Though it also involves more work than we would've thought. (laughs!)

Bravo: Why? What's so exhausting about it?
The biggest challenge for us were the working hours. We have to get up at 6am every day. Usually I only just go to bed at that time.
Bill: It's also tiring that most of the candidates are rather mediocre. I always thought they'd be either bad or good. But what do you tell people that are quite alright?
Tom: We're looking for exceptional talents – or someone with potential who can develop further. The mediocre ones can gladly keep doing it as a hobby. Though nothing more than that.

Bravo: So you've got no problem with being honest then?
Tom (starts laughing and turns to Bill): As if, as if, as if! You always just say "You're lovely, cute and nice." because you can see their dream go up in smoke before your eyes.
Bill: It really is very difficult. Admittedly they'd deserve to know that nothing will come of it but then they're so sad and already had a tough life anyway. Nevertheless, we won't let anyone go further out of pity.

Bravo: Was it actually a sure thing for you two that you'll only be doing DSDS together?
In the beginning they only asked me [to do it]. However, I said: Without Bill I’m out! (laughs!)
Bill (laughs with him): Rubbish! We definitely wanted to do it together. It's also way more fun for us like this.

Bravo: So would you like to makes changes to the show?
We're intending to coach the contestants with lots of talent ourselves behind the scenes. Often people don't get good advice with regards to styling or song choice. We want them to move forward – and not for them to make fools of themselves.

Bravo: Eight out of nine "Superstar" winners were male. Will a woman finally win the show again this year?
I'd like that but it doesn't necessarily have to happen.
Tom: Internationally there are so many good female artists. Just not in Germany. That's something that's just totally missing here. Maybe we'll find a female winner this year. However, if a guy is better and more popular than he'll obviously win…

Top right judges picture:
Real musical experts: Dieter Bohlen, Mateo from Culcha Candela and the TH twins Bill and Tom are the judging panel
Top left judges picture:
"We've only met at the judges table – but get along great", Bill says. Easy to see!
TH band picture:
Georg (25), Bill, Tom and Gustav (24) are Tokio Hotel. The band had their breakthrough with "Durch den Monsun" in 2005. Ever since then the Magdeburg guys sold over six million records – worldwide!
Main twins picture:
Currently Bill and Tom live in Los Angeles/California. They're flying to Germany especially for DSDS
Top right contestants picture:
Waiting in the lounge: contestant Bojan Odjakov (20 [years], left) entertains the others with his guitar
Middle contestants picture:
Nicely queuing up in one line: outside Berlin's club "Felix" the contestants wait until they may sing in front of the judges
Bottom twins with Sascha picture:
Bravo reporter Sascha was allowed to sit between the twins at the sacred judges table

You should keep an eye on these contestants!
Erwin Kintop (17) – Tough on the outside, soft on the inside: the guy from Rastatt can score points with his goose bumps-inducing voice.
Wincent Weiss (19) – Skater from Eutin/Schleswig-Holstein, sings very emotionally and plays the guitar
Diyana Hensel (23) – Great charisma, top-notch singing: has the girl from Stuttgart what it takes to be the next Queen of R'n'B?
Fairuz Fussi (16) – Piercing and sidecut: the girl from Munich is considered a rebel.

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  1. I think is very fair enough.Good luck to the contestants.I think people shouldn't be only nice and polite to get something,of course we all need to gain something right.But it doesn't matter what we do we should always stay true to ourselves.At least that's the way i think.