BTK Twins Personal Messenger - Alien Wall #337 - 01.12.2012


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  1. Hey loves,what have you been doing recently,also i know you've been working out a lot,is really great to see hardworking men,most of the people i know are just so lazy and don't do anything but being obsessed with the futball games,what do you think about these old men who still gambling with the computer games? Find them disgusting.
    Tom missed you so bad too,as always your warming smile could never be forgotten,i'm sure you were always ready,as i thought you were.So Bill i saw this and this you have this kitten attitude,you could be my puzzle,you know..
    Sweethearts i understand it perfectly,there are many things to do and is ok to be busy.
    Love you so much,always thinking about you,hope you're fine,share this creamy coffee rose with moi xx