BTK Twins Personal Messenger - Alien Wall #336 - 30.11.2012


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  1. Remembering your childhood perhaps? Bill missed you loads,u had no idea.So What are your favorite songs lately? Do you have any in particular that you like?I'm pretty sure Gangnam Style will be the hit of the year but i'm not quite sure if this guy will do another Tom,do you have any passion that have not yet fulfilled? About guitars,i'm pretty sure you always have a new history with any of them,everyone is unique and special and every sound of any string is not the same,you make diverse sounds and diverse styles.Wonder if you ever played the charango?
    what about the clave? In Cuba and especially in the caribbean countries they have tons of instruments to play to,and they make delicious music,they r amazing players.I'm pretty sure you have listened to salsa or cuban music.When you feel down you listen to them and cheer up a lil.Damn you're really good following rivers,what about glaciars? :)