BTK Twins Personal Messenger - Alien Wall #326 - 18.11.2012


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  1. Bill,i'm pretty sure you're not gay,is just that you're so delicate and deep for saying things and is too bad very few people understand that.I don't have a home and never will,i have more important things to think about,i guess is just my destiny.Is just the karma i'm killing from my bad actions.

  2. Bill,i think i have more things in common with you.Hey guyz have a great time.

  3. There is no paradise.You can find a paradise when you do things for others instead of doing them for yourself.I feel more fulfilled helping others to find their own way,i know perfectly who i am.

  4. How quoting Ernest Hemingway can make anyone gay?
    If Bill is gay (and I believe he is) it's not because of the things he said.