Bill & Tom @ DSDS 2013 - Recall @ Playa Porto Marie, Curaçao 06.11.2012 - Pics



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  1. Looking so thoughtful guys...

  2. Gosh, I had no idea they were going to be on this show until I saw the pictures. I'm so out of the TH fan loop these days!

  3. om and Bill look like a pair of apples i'd use for making the hottest apple pie,just some minutes in the oven and its ready,not so much novel and commedy,just a little touch of the magic ingredients...

  4. I accidentally found out about the start of the german dsds this year. And I'm definitely glad I did ;)
    Now, I understan TH fans.Ok, not the crazy-stalker ones, but, since I haven't heard about their band in years, it's amazing to me, to see how Tom has changed, completely grown into this breathtakingly beautiful man.
    He caught my eye when I was a teenager, and now I'm completely hooked ;)
    It's insane, almost unreal how hot this man is, seriously!
    He does everything with such ease and it comes so naturally to him. It wouldn't be a good idea to boost his ego :P but, what needs to be said, needs to be said ;)
    Haven't ever seen such a handsome, naturallly beautiful man, inside and out. Wow. How hot can he get?!
    Oh my. Insanely sexy, and the worst part is, he's AWARE of it ;)
    Not liking his taste in women though,but, boys will be boys, right..
    Jesus, if mother nature had its plans on creating a perfect man, well,she succeded with Tom.