BTK Twins Personal Messenger - Photos #254 - 29.10.2012


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Photo #1: Bill: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh...!!!!!
Photo #2: Tom: Halloween Bill & Me...

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  1. I am sorry but I dislike! All these demons & blood & injuries. Makes me icky & sad.
    I would rather see your beauty!
    Bill would have looked good as an egyptian like Micheal Jackson in the "remember the time" video or the "Blue Boy" from the painting. Tom~~~ I dream of Tom as a Might Highlander Warrior or a 1970's Pimp Porn Guy!!
    ~<3 Marcy !

  2. I think it's simply wonderful costume, I totaly adore it! really scary, as it should be, much better than Bill's costume, he looks too stylish and not scary at all.

    I agree about Michael Jackson style, Bill could look beautiful dressed like that, if he would only shave his face :)

  3. Now guys this is my fav picture even if i can't understand Bill costume very he a witch but looks like a girl i don't get confusses me.He really does look good looking blonde or with any hair color..and Tom i don't know which is your costume but you look incredibly hot.Tom as the Pimp porn guy? Now that sounds like a good option,he has this incrdibly male intensity to become a porn model.Anyway,hope you got many candies,that's for sure u guys did.@Andre

  4. Oh yeah i understand Bill is the vampire,right?And Tom is the zombie with one eye left cuz the other was eaten by a creepy carnivore alien or something? @Andre

  5. Tom,you'd shave...really.