Sep 23, 2012

BTK Twins Personal Messenger - Photos #234 - 23.09.2012

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Photo: Bill: The Gang :)


  1. God, that's the ugliest photo of Bill that I've ever seen, ewww. Damn, why? How does it come that someone who had his own style for such long became a hipster? Still hope new music of TH will be something original and will NOT reflect Bill's current will to copy the most popular things.

  2. Damn shut up bitch.I just like the way he is,i think he is just like madonna,a true karma chameleon.Man,you guys are great,i have listened to your songs,they inspire me and make me feel better.Guys,i wanna be part of your gang.

    1. look up for bitch in your own mirror, girl. you have your opinion, and I have mine. for me Bill looks idiotic now, like a Limahl or something like that. eww, disgusting. hope he will cange his style again soon :)