BILD 03.09.2012 [Germany] - Scan & Translation


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Tokio Hotel celebrate their 23rd Birthday in L.A.

Los Angeles – That's how the "Tokio Hotel"-Twins celebrated their birthday! On September 1st 1989, 23 years ago, Bill and Tom Kaulitz were born in Leipzig. Both twins recently got their birth time – 6.20 – tattooed on their hands. At the birthday party in L.A. – where Bill was sporting a new hairstyle again – they went out for dinner, before continuing their birthday celebration in a club. Well then, Happy Birthday!

Picture: Tom and Bill Kaulitz celebrated their 23rd birthday on Saturday.

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  1. innacurate about the time,but nice they talked about them

  2. Und dass Bill um 6:30 geboren wurde, ist ja ganz nebensächlich, ne? :D
    Aber guuut sehen sie aus *-* <3